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2015 Restaurant Technology Study

The 17th annual Restaurant Technology Study reveals the latest technology trends that are impacting the food service industry. The report covers a comprehensive range of topics including: technology budgets and spending allocations across a variety of projects; IT decision-making strategies; and top tech challenges. New this year, check out what made the “Top 10 Most Important Technologies” list for 2015.

The overall findings in this report show that technology has become a significant factor in restaurant operations, and many organizations are eager to shed the “laggard” moniker that has long plagued the industry. Technology decision-makers will find this study a valuable tool in measuring their own footprint against competitors.

Key Findings:
* 60% of technology budgets will go to OpEx.
* Customer engagement/guest loyalty is driving technology projects in 2015 for 53% of respondents.
* Fewer restaurant executives feel their company doesn't embrace technology -- just 13% in 2015 as opposed to 23% in last year's study.
* Only 31% of restaurants say they use a technology steering committee.
* 37% of respondents say they plan to rollout mobile wallet in 2015.
* Other front-of-house technologies that are poised for growth in 2015 include: Social CRM platform (30%), NFC (29%), tableside payment devices (29%) and beacons (28%).
* In back-of-house technologies, 30% of operators plan to implement mobile devices for manager use in 2015 and 24% respectively plan to rollout food safety management and big data solutions.
* 40% of operators say they currently have a well-defined roadmap for EMV preparedness, while 35% plan to in 2015.
* 85% of operators say having a disaster recovery plan for technology systems is a top technology for 2015.

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