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2005 Casino Report


I have to admit I enjoy covering the gaming and casino industry. While we may hear about how RFID is on the cusp of transforming retail, we can look to casinos to show what it is doing here and now. In fact, casinos are the place than many lodging and foodservice technologies get their first try.

Whether it is self-service, systems integration or remote management and security technology, casinos offer a true showcase for hospitality. As they say: "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere."

Casinos also face a number of daunting challenges when it comes to technology. Hotels offer sufficiently complex environments for technology, but casinos take that complexity to a whole new level. The tremendous volume of guests and transactions at a successful (and even unsuccessful) casino necessitates robust and powerful IT systems. Moreover, casinos must handle those guests and transactions with greater supervision and regulation than nearly any other industry.

To truly understand the challenges casinos face and the technologies that are about to come, Hospitality Technology introduces the first Casino Report. Whether you operate a casino, or wish you did, look inside to see the technologies that are transforming the casino and lodging industries.

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