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10th Annual Restaurant Technology Study


For the tenth year in a row, Hospitality Technology is taking the technology pulse of the restaurant industry in its Restaurant Technology Study, and yet again, it has been a great success. HT's Restaurant Technology Study is the only study this extensive that monitors the restaurant technology environment in the United States.

In general, this year's study confirms that things look good in comparison to last year's results: business metrics show a general positive trend; restaurant companies tend to realize the true benefit of information technology systems; and even though we cannot declare that restaurants have come to a complete understanding of the benefits of information technology systems and use them to their fullest potential, we have seen some promising advances in the use of IT as a strategic tool.

Before we go further, we would like to make a note of the study's methodology. Even though we keep the majority of our survey the same from year to year in order to keep track of trends as they occur in the restaurant industry, we have created some new sections in order to bring new dimensions and added value to our readers.
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