Vostio: The Future of Security and Guest Access Management

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Vostio: The Future of Security and Guest Access Management


Security access needs within the hospitality industry are forever changing due to the increasing ingenuity of those with harmful intentions. Yet by making its Vostio cloud-based access management system available to properties around the world, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is equipping hoteliers with the tools they need to always stay one step ahead. With Vostio, hotel staff gain the ability to manage every aspect of their security access operations at any time, and from anywhere. From desktop computers to laptops, tablets and even smartphones, this stands in stark contrast to other platforms, with Vostio even allowing hoteliers to manage their security access responsibilities while off-site and from virtually anywhere that offers an internet connection.

As the hospitality industry increasingly becomes a target of hacking attempts and data theft, Vostio’s cloud-based functionality is also providing hotels with the means to always be fully protected against such threats. Promising to break the endless cycle of costly equipment upgrades, Vostio ensures that properties are always equipped with the latest software safeguards, abilities and functionalities via automatic and instant updates. Created as soon as any potential vulnerability is discovered, such updates are instantly implemented without any need for an on-site installation or involvement by hotel personnel. Vostio therefore ensures that hoteliers and their guests are always safeguarded using the industry’s most advanced encryption standards.

With cost and structural limitations always playing a factor in any decision to implement a new solution, Vostio’s cloud-based functionality significantly removes the need for any on-site servers. This translates into no costly hardware purchases while also allowing hoteliers to recover value physical space. With Vostio also able to automatically receive routine system software patches, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks are also completely managed off-site, reducing hotel maintenance staff workloads and as well as operational expenses.

With hotel and guest needs continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, it is also becoming increasingly necessary for properties to adopt solutions that are scalable and that can be seamlessly integrated with new functionalities. Once equipped with Vostio for example, hoteliers are able to later implement services such as mobile access technology when determined to be a guest demanded service. Others include smart room system integration or integrating with advanced elevator and parking controls to provide guests with digital key access to additional areas of a property. With hoteliers increasingly identifying the benefits of indoor location-based technology, Vostio’s scalable and future-proof design is also facilitating the ability for properties to later implement features such as employee distress abilities, asset tracking, proximity-based guest messaging/marketing possibilities and much more.   

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