Vizergy Releases New CMS Feature

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Vizergy Releases New CMS Feature


The new feature: Vizergy’s Website Performance Analysis is built directly into Vizergy’s proprietary Content Management System (CMS) to quickly analyze websites for any performance issues. Website pages are loaded dynamically into the latest Google Chrome web browser to be analyzed and then a detailed audit report is automatically generated with any performance issues found. The performance analysis focuses on general issues such as JavaScript and 404 errors, SSL issues, accessibility/ADA issues, and page speed.

In any industry, specifically hospitality due to the large volume of site visits, it is important to regularly check a website’s performance. Issues with a site’s load speed, accessibility, or security could drastically affect a user’s experience and in turn, affect a property’s direct online revenue. By utilizing Vizergy Website Performance Analysis as a digital tool, users can maintain an optimized website and identify any performance or accessibility issues that may arise.

Utilizing the Deque’s AXE API, the Vizergy Website Performance Analysis will identify if their site follows the WCAG 2.X and Section 508 specifications without having to rely on a more cumbersome tool. Explanations of negative issues are provided with exact locations and descriptions of issues to help achieve upmost compliance.

Users can fully customize the Vizergy Website Performance Analysis by choosing location, pages, resolutions or any specific issues a user wants to analyze. Once an analysis is run, users are redirected to a results page where the list of issues, if any, were found. Results can be exported to Excel and include a date/time stamp when the analysis took place, and the specific options selected. All reports are saved within a Performance Analysis History page that houses all past reports.