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Smarter Guest Management Starts with ConnectSmart Host

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Company Name: QSR Automations
Product Name: ConnectSmart® Host
Company Contact Information: Ashley Sheppard, VP of Sales & Marketing, [email protected]

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What’s the perfect recipe for the ultimate guest experience? Exquisite food and an inviting ambience mixed with just the right amount of technology. Guests may not go to a restaurant looking for a tech experience, but that doesn’t mean tech can’t enhance their dining experience. From reservations to waitlists, to order status and more, ConnectSmart® Host from QSR Automations optimizes technology to enhance the customer experience while simultaneously boosting operational efficiencies.

Unparalleled Efficiency

When restaurants utilize ConnectSmart® Host, guests can easily make a reservation, add themselves to a waitlist and even receive order status updates via two-way SMS texting. For operators, this technology provides valuable insights into seating availability and capacities, leading to faster, smarter operational decisions.

The system’s smart capabilities also lend it to play the role of restaurant manager. Because ConnectSmart® Host intuitively knows everything happening in the dining room, it can direct the host on what to do next, saving operators at least five hours per week as front-of-house staff can now take on other tasks.

Maybe one of the most valuable aspects of ConnectSmart® Host is its ability to optimize table turns by up to 17%. The technology not only ensures customers spend less time waiting for a table, it efficiently matches party size to table size, leading to higher seating capacity and potential revenue.

Effortless Integration

ConnectSmart® Host is user-friendly for team members, minimizing time spent on training and increasing employee satisfaction and retention by up to 82% on Net Promoter Scores. As for integration with your tech stack, ConnectSmart® Host integrates seamlessly with multiple reservation platforms, over 80 POS systems and, of course, ConnectSmart® Kitchen, ensuring streamlined communication from front-of-house to back-of-house.

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“I’m serious. Bring anyone on the fence over to me, and I'll show them what they’re missing by not using ConnectSmart® Host. It’s changed our whole operation.” —General Manager, Blind Squirrel
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“At-a-Glance" information:

o Technology / solution type: An on-premise or off-premise, front of house guest reservation, waitlist and table management software.

o Top 5 benefits and features:

  1. Flexible APIs and Webhooks to allow you to integrate in Online Waitlist, Reservations, and Guestbooks, and retrieve data such as accurate wait times and real time events.
  2. Communicate via 2-way SMS, allowing your guests to respond with keywords that automatically update their visit status
  3. Accurate wait time quoting
  4. Integrates with ConnectSmart® Kitchen so information flows both ways, so you can keep the kitchen aware of what’s happening with insights from the front-of-house.
  5. Customized floor plans and fair and balanced station rotation to keep your servers happy

o Existing customers for this technology include: BJ’s, Red Lobster, Red Robin, SIR Corp, and JoeyRestaurants

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