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Six Steps to Winning Big with Digital Ordering

Here's how to make the most of online ordering with these six strategies from Paytronix.

1. Deliver an Ideal Digital Experience
Rewards and easy payment reign supreme. 
Customers want an online ordering system that allows them to redeem points – and they spend more when an online platform is integrated with a loyalty program. They also care about the back end of the transaction, so payment complications leave a lasting impression. Setting up a digital ordering system with rewards and a seamless payment process will engender happy customers.




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2, Maximize Order Size
Data and behavioral info produce results.  
Why waste time with offers that are bound to be rejected? 
“Intelligent Cross-Selling” is a data-informed way to offer customers the items they most likely want. “Menu Variant Testing” lets you test menu items with a percentage of guests, assess performance, and optimize your offerings based on real data. Securing bigger orders can be as simple as reordering menu items or changing your system’s default size setting from small to large. 

3. Increase Order Frequency
Artificial intelligence enables targeted campaigns
With AI to IASM, Paytronix empowers you to use artificial intelligence to drive individual action. After customers are assigned an online order history score, predictive analytics tell you when they’re likely to visit and alert you if visits fall off. You can curate special promotions targeted at online customers, like visit challenges based on individual guest behavior. 

Paytronix's Guide to Winning Big with Digital Ordering


For the other 3 steps plus What Does Your Digital Ordering Strategy Look Like? Download this helpful guide from Paytronix

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