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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Security.

Integrating Connectivity with Security Cannot be an Afterthought

Secure SD-WAN must support your cloud on-ramp strategy, because the expansion of the network is about much more than adding new devices and platforms.

With improvements in location technology, robotics and artifi cial intelligence, security basics are bolstered by a trifecta of next-gen capabilities

Repeatedly training staff to recognize cyber-attack tactics is a relatively easy way the hospitality industry can help prevent a future data breach; but 18% of hotel staff are trained only once and 25% don't receive this training ever.

Hospitality benefits most from staff alert technology after researching solutions and implementing solid staff training programs.

The company announced via a blog on its site that a data breach, impacting roughly 4.9 million users had been detected earlier in the month of September 2019, involving a third party service provider.

Resort installs cutting-edge personal safety devices to further enhance associate safety.

Fifty-six hotel companies are now participating in AHLA's 5-Star Promise, up from 17 in September 2018.

Both hotels were compromised via their use of a third-party online booking website company call Roomleader.

The cloud-based service detects and blocks phishing attacks, command and control callbacks and data exfiltration attempts, especially for remote workers.

Historic luxury property selects the Essence locking system to blend advanced security and encryption technology with sophisticated décor.

At 64%, report reveals a dramatic year-over-year increase in overall malware volume.

Even security professionals are unaware of how much third-party code their company websites are running.

HRS will continue to use the conichi technology for the automation of check-in/out processes and it will also become an integral part of a new payment division at HRS.

Wearable device uses a combination of Bluetooth, ultrasound and 4G LTE connectivity to provide an employee's micro-location data.

Unlike GDPR, hotels cannot be fined for not conforming with the directive, but their day-to-day operations will have to adapt.

One of the most prolific attacks is more than 20 years old, is easy to perform with novice skills  obtained on YouTube, and can be done with perfectly legal Wi-Fi hacking tools.

Increasing demand from Canada, Europe and the Middle East leads to React Mobile's global expansion.

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