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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Security -- Network.

Hospitality businesses should deploy specific networking solutions to provide business and guests with secure and speedy internet access. 

With IoT, 5G, and AI  soon to reshape how we interact with technology, Cisco is urging governments to adopt comprehensive and interoperable data protection laws.

From keeping software up to date to enforcing safe password practices, hospitality companies can easily apply simple but effective cybersecurity measures.

FormBook is an info-staler malware which is using a new file hosting service called DropMyBin to spread the malware.

If the cybersecurity world wants to halt dangerous, costly attacks, there is a great need to shift attention towards prevention.

Uses same-day deployments and immediate compliance to prevent risk.

While knowing your customer is key to preventing fraud, hotels and restaurants must also beware of account takeover and exploitation of loyalty programs.

Hackers posing as employees often send malicious links through email because its incredibly effective for hacking large corporations.

Incident likely could have been avoided by implementing strong-authentication with a FIDO technology while encrypting sensitive data properly.

Hotel giant says less than 383 million guests affected; 5.25 million passports affected; 354 thousand payment cards.

Ethical hackers will be rewarded with cash for finding vulnerabilities in Hyatt websites and mobile apps.

Guests frequently leave personal data – word docs, spreadsheets, PDFs, and pictures – in common places on a desktop but sometimes it isn't the guest's fault that private information is left behind.  

Six things any hospitality organization must know to protect itself and its guests.

Answer questions such as: How did Marriott overlook the breach? What server/software vulnerabilities lead to this type of breach? and What will be the ramifications for the company and its guests?

If you're looking to secure your hospitality business, start with the three Ps.

Forty percent of consumers said that they would stop doing business with a company if it had previously suffered a data breach.

The partnership with Routier will provide hospitality professionals access to Cybint's suite of solutions including cyber literacy courses.

After a data breach, fraudulent payment chargebacks can spike up to 5% but companies shouldn't accept this as a cost of doing business.

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