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Saladworks Completes Chain-Wide POS Upgrade

Saladworks wants its POS to help drive customer engagement through a digital omni-channel ordering platform.

Saladworks upgraded its point of sale system (POS) across its nearly 100 restaurants with Gusto® Point of Sale (POS). Following the success of an initial pilot store in early 2017, Saladworks began a company-wide roll out implementing the Gusto POS platform to help drive customer engagement through a digital omni-channel ordering platform built to power the franchise brand. Saladworks and Gusto worked diligently to implement a universal platform that would offer the franchisees, along with corporate, the real-time data to make vital decisions.

“Converting our entire brand to Gusto POS has been an important fundamental step in our future planning. Gusto provides us real time access to our data and improves speed of service for our franchisees and their customers. It also facilitates deep and seamless integrations with other complementary technologies used in our business operations, allowing us to actively better our business and manage our brand,” said Saladworks CEO Patrick Sugrue.

From the installation process to training, Gusto worked directly with each franchisee during the rollout to ensure a smooth POS transition.

Early in the rollout, Gusto worked closely with Saladworks’ franchisees to learn their business and make recommendations for improvements and to standardize their enterprise processes. After that first phase, the Saladworks team then installed nearly 100 stores in just a few months.

With the POS system as the foundation, Saladworks can better manage labor cost, directly integrate in-store kiosk systems, online ordering, and more.

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