SageNet Introduces SageVIEW.dtx Outdoor Digital Signage Solution for Drive-thru Environments

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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SageNet, a Tulsa-based managed services provider, has launched SageVIEW.dtx, a specialized outdoor digital signage solution designed to help quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and convenience stores revolutionize the customer’s drive-thru experience.

SageVIEW.dtx is a comprehensive drive-thru digital signage solution that includes all-weather enclosures, lighting, security, power, network connectivity and maintenance.  In addition, SageNet’s experienced specialists consult with the client to devise a drive-thru approach that reduces order time, increases order value and maximizes ROI.

The SageVIEW.dtx solution is the drive-thru market-specific component of SageNet’s SageVIEWTM holistic digital experience platform.

According to SageNet, QSRs and convenience stores have been replacing static menu boards with digital signage inside their stores for several years to save on the cost of updating printed materials. 

The ability to dynamically change drive-thru content according to the time of day, inventory and promotion status is an added benefit.

Until recently, it was not economically feasible to install digital signage in a drive-thru environment. Only the most ex­pensive displays were bright enough to be seen in daylight and stores had to install bulky HVAC equipped enclosures, with significant power requirements, to protect these displays.

Since a signifi­cant percentage of revenue for QSRs is generated within the drive-thru environment, SageNet developed SageVIEW.dtx to deliver an efficient, cost-effective outdoor digital signage solution that makes sense for QSRs and convenience stores.

System-on-chip technology and new cabling standards have further reduced costs and simplified implementation. These digital menu boards are remotely programmed and updated through a content management system, providing the flexibility to add or remove menu items and adjust prices as needed.

Because few QSRs and convenience stores have expertise in outdoor digital signage and the infrastructure required to support it, many partner with an experienced technology provider for design, maintenance and support.

According to SageNet, a Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of outdoor digital menu boards showed a QSR could save $30,000 in printing costs per year per location and eliminate labor expenses associated with updating traditional menus.

Reliability is critical, which is why SageNet provides 24x7 monitoring of displays, media players and the net­work, along with comprehensive maintenance for digital signage systems. Its highly trained and certified staff has deep experience in digital signage, enabling SageNet to rapidly troubleshoot issues. SageNet also offers a network of field technicians who provide onsite maintenance and responsive support.

In addition to the SageVIEW digital experience platform, SageNet has more than 30 years of experience providing a broad range of managed network services to the QSR and convenience store industries, from primary and back-up networks, merchant connectivity and PCI compliant networks to customized networking technology solutions. SageNet’s services are optimized to meet the needs of multi-site operations.