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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Restaurants.

Retweeting, Sharing, Liking and Locating: Shifting Digital Restaurant Trends in the COVID-19 Era

Here are five ways to enact social and digital changes during this new normal.

If brands aren't already getting data from their third-party online or delivery partners, they need to demand it. Here's why.

This Moe's Southwest Grill in Pittsburgh includes four kiosks, a second make line, and curbside pickup.

Panino Giusto leans on Oracle's cloud-based POS to support its off-prem pivot.

Businesses that use Numa can now enable a “Message” button from within Google Maps and Search results at no extra cost.

Location uses automation, robotics, facial recognition and kiosks.

Shogo, a cloud-based accounting automation system,  and Ordermark, a single dashboard solution to manage all online ordering, are now Brink POS integration partners.

Restaurants can now sign-up for ServSafe Dining Commitment to demonstrate their commitment to the health and safety of their employees and guests.

CEO says brand's goal is to digitize 100% of transactions.

Partnership allows hoteliers to streamline restaurant operations and positively impact their bottom lines.

More than half of all global transactions running through the POS will be contactless in 5 years.

As states reopen, consumers say they'll wait at least a month to dine in at a restaurant, according to a study by Acosta Marketing.

McDonald's Canada announced that President and Chief Executive Officer, John Betts, will retire following 12 years at the helm of the Canadian organization.

Updated safety practices include no-contact temperature checks at entry, no-touch QR code electronic menus, SMS line cue replacements and more.

CEO Matt Friedman shares essential tips for restaurants looking to enter the native delivery space.

QR Codes, analytics and more can improve operations and marketing.

Restaurants have been hit by both cybercriminals and friendly fraud during a time when they need it the least.

Customers can notify the store when they arrive by hitting the “I’m here” button on Domino’s Tracker page or by replying “HERE” to Domino’s opt-in text.

RTN partnered with Olive to create an unbiased (and super slick!) evaluation tool for restaurant members to use when narrowing down the field of contactless payments solutions.

Plus, Scott Gittrich shares biggest challenge before COVID-19 & weighs in on Grubhub/ JET deal.

The kiosk scans users for elevated body temperatures and checks for protective face masks.

Chipotle is now available nationwide on the Grubhub app and

"Restaurant People: Where We (to) Go From Here" is a limited series podcast.

Follow these 5 key components to an effective communications strategy.

From new guest experiences to the latest in contact tracing technology, from antimicrobial POS screens to digital room keys, here’s how our industry is moving ahead in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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