POS Insights From Infor: Flexibility and Seamless Integration

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By Michael Schubach, Chief of Staff & Industry Strategy, Infor Hospitality - 11/09/2020
Michael Schubach, Chief of Staff & Industry Strategy, Infor Hospitality

What advancements did Infor make with POS software in 2020?

  • Infor POS continues its path to be the most flexible POS in the hospitality industry. In 2020, we introduced our Infor Table Reservation System, allowing merchants to take reservations from their own websites, with complete integration to Infor POS.
  • We developed a new web-based mobile ordering platform, called Infor OrderNow, that supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) ordering, scheduled ordering, room service and more. It is designed for easy adoption and cross segment functionality.
  • We also developed features to support new service models for the Senior Living industry, and we have enhanced our Infor Kiosk to support innovative and flexible deployment models.

What are the most innovative features and/or functionality of the POS software that Infor offers? 

  • Infor’s Item Harmony is the most innovative centralized SKU management system on the market. It combines centralized item maintenance with a requisition and approval workflow that enables the most complex organizations to control their POS data throughout the enterprise. 
  • Infor’s new Advanced Smart Combo feature combines conversational ordering, automatic meal recognition with flexible business rules and upcharge models that allow the POS to match the way operators sell and market their products. 
  • Infor’s dual mode POS and kiosk deployments are unique in the industry, enabling our customers to reduce labor costs in lower volume day parts by offering a flexible solution that can be operated as a self-service terminal or switched to be staff-operated. 
  • Our innovative station-specific ordering kiosks and pay later features enable creative user experience in food service environments.

What innovations in POS software are Infor making for 2021 that you can share with us?  

  • 2021 will bring more integrations to support omni-channel ordering along with new features to help our customers respond and adapt to the disruptions of 2020. Resilience and recovery will remain top of mind as we plan our development roadmaps. 

What do you see coming down the pike that will impact POS software trends?  

  • Mobility and BYOD will continue as themes into the future. And, like kiosk adoption just a few years ago, omni-channel ordering, delivery, and ghost kitchens are having their breakout moment.  Supporting and integrating these innovations while preserving mission critical production and management features is a primary mission for Infor POS.


What is Infor doing to respond to the increasing demand for tight integrations?

  • Through our open and flexible API and direct integrations, Infor POS supports over 70 active interfaces today. We are committed to being a highly connected POS platform, and continue to expand our partnerships with every release. 

What is Infor doing to respond to the increasing demand for digital ordering, off-premises and/or contactless transactions?

  • Infor has developed OrderNow, a new web-based mobile ordering product that is flexible, quick and easy for our customers to deploy. We also continued to support third-party ordering platforms through our flexible API environment.

What is Infor doing to enable mobility and new payment options? 

  • Our newest OrderNow application is all about mobility and contactless payments. In addition to the in-app payment, it also supports room charges that creates a seamless touch-free experience for hotel guests
  • In early 2021, Infor POS will support QR pay through one of our payment gateway integrations. QR pay allows a cardholder to scan a QR code on a pin pad device to process payments in a card present environment