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Payment Security

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Payment Security.

Forter’s most recent Fraud Attack Index found that online travel agencies (OTAs) are a particular target for fraudsters, making prevention critical for retailers in this sector.

Hackers posing as employees often send malicious links through email because its incredibly effective for hacking large corporations.

Hotel giant says less than 383 million guests affected; 5.25 million passports affected; 354 thousand payment cards.

Integration allows NCR clients to interact with their customers wherever they are in the store.

PCI Council approved P2PE (point-to-point encryption) validation helps merchants reduce PCI compliance by as much as 90 percent

The completion of PCI DSS Level 1 Certification follows TRACK’s enhancement of its Property Management System for leading Vacation Rental Management Companies in 2018.

Six things any hospitality organization must know to protect itself and its guests.

Answer questions such as: How did Marriott overlook the breach? What server/software vulnerabilities lead to this type of breach? and What will be the ramifications for the company and its guests?

FreedomPay expands its food service portfolio with 42 Nando’s locations 

Android terminals have built-in EMV payment functionality eliminating the need to purchase additional EMV hardware.

Secure Technology Alliance recommends strengthened identity proofing, hardware-backed strong authentication

Public-key infrastructure stores and encrypts consumer login credentials and bankcard numbers in the most trusted area of a consumer’s smartphone; During transactions no sensitive data is stored at the enterprise, none is transmitted over the internet, but the same outcome results and no password is

There won't be a 'year of contactless' payment, instead contactless and mobile payments will grow more slowly over time.

Agilysys offers Pay-at-Table alternatives that provide secure access to validated P2PE and EMV payment gateways.

The TransactionLink solution extends the flexibility Merchant Link is known for by facilitating EMV and new payment types. 

PayMyTab from Retail Data Systems (RDS) is disrupting the restaurant industry. Its platform, used by hundreds of restaurants, seamlessly and effectively enhances the guest experience and provides an unprecedented level of customer insight for owners.

Hospitality organizations must go beyond credit card security to also protect customer personally identifiable information.

The 2017 data breach was linked to a malware attack on the POS.

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