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AI to Power Trane’s New Control System, Optimizes Building Performance

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Trane – by Trane Technologies, a global climate innovator, has introduced Trane® Autonomous Control powered by BrainBox AI® to help building owners and operators increase energy efficiency. Trane® Autonomous Control reduces energy consumption and minimizes carbon emissions with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

For building owners and operators looking for ways to help to decarbonize and reduce energy consumption, Trane Autonomous Control continuously optimizes system performance using predictive data,” says David Molin, vice president of Trane Product Management. “Augmenting controls systems with AI-enabled solutions creates smarter systems, propels buildings to reach energy reduction goals, and accelerates the pathway to decarbonization.”          

Trane Autonomous Control uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically identify and perform system optimization actions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An enhancement to existing Trane Tracer® SC+ systems, it is self-motivated, constantly observing, correcting, and improving. Available as a secure, cloud-based service offering that requires no additional hardware, Trane Autonomous Control is a highly scalable artificial intelligence tool that can support multiple buildings with a single solution.

It augments current control systems, enabling users to:

  • Capture and synthesize a wealth of real-time and predictive data, including occupancy levels, weather patterns, and system performance information, to optimize efficiency and carbon reduction without sacrificing comfort.
  • Improve system performance and reduce operating and maintenance costs without investing in additional equipment or overburdening employees.
  • Support sustainability goals by reducing energy use and minimizing carbon emissions.

Double Digit Growth in Global Hospitality Industry for Q4

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There is sense of buoyancy in the global hospitality industry as we head into the fourth quarter of 2023. According to new Demand360® business intelligence data from travel technology provider Amadeus, global hotel occupancy levels up to the end of August 2023 have been an average of 10% ahead of 2022. For the fourth quarter of 2023, worldwide on-the-books occupancy data reveals that reservations are trending 11% ahead of those seen in 2022.

In a further boost to hoteliers, global revenue per available room (RevPAR) has grown by an average of 17% this year to date, when compared to rates achieved in 2022. France is leading the way, with RevPAR sitting 123% ahead of the worldwide average. A RevPAR spike was also recorded in June this year in France, with rates hitting $422, some 220% more than in the US during the same month.

US hotel occupancy is trending stronger in Q4 than the world-wide average and has increased 5% compared to 2022. Hotel RevPAR also continues to see steady growth, with an 8% increase on the same window in 2022.

The findings are explored in a new Amadeus report: ‘Hospitality data trends 2023: ​The opportunities ahead’. The report reveals current and forward-looking on-the-books occupancy data, alongside RevPAR and booking lead times for hotels and short-term rentals.

Amid global growth, Europe is leading the hospitality charge. Occupancy in Europe has for the first time narrowly overtaken the US over the course of 2023 and is looking forward to a strong last quarter where on-the-books reservations are currently 20% ahead of the worldwide occupancy average for Q4. Key cultural hotspots – including Florence, Rome and Athens – have seen strong occupancy over the summer, with more to come heading into the cooler months.​

Destinations and cities with large-scale events on the horizon are also seeing traction. Beyoncé is creating headlines with the Renaissance World Tour. In Seattle, the superstar played at Lumen Field on September 14th – driving a spike in hotel demand. Hotel occupancy for September 9th-11th in Seattle stood at an average of 83%, increasing to an average of 96% for September 12th-14th as fans arrived and stayed for the show.  Occupancy was boosted 36% on the night of the show compared to the same night in 2022. 

Similar spikes in occupancy are being seen in France during the Rugby World Cup, with demand in host cities increasing according to forward looking on-the-books occupancy data. Paris and Nice are up 5% compared to the same period in 2022, while Marseille is up 7%, indicating increased demand for hotel rooms during the event.

Katie Moro, Vice President, Data Partnerships, Hospitality, Amadeus, said: “Access to complete and credible data that can be trusted, gives hoteliers the insights they need to help drive bookings and guide marketing, revenue management and operations strategies. For example, a shift in available short-term rental properties in a market will have an impact on potential occupancy for hoteliers. Market dynamics are constantly shifting, and it’s important to track them closely and be able to move quickly to seize competitive advantage. Delivering these insights is what drives our business intelligence solutions at Amadeus.”

Hospitality data trends 2023 also highlights leading indicators uncovered by combining Amadeus’ unique business intelligence with its partner Key Data, a leading provider of short-term rental market data around the world. The data shows short-term rentals are typically booked around a month (31 days) in advance of hotels, while air travel bookings are usually made slightly over three months (98 days) ahead of travel. By combining these data insights with forward-looking on-the-books occupancy, hoteliers can anticipate dips and spikes in demand and plan accordingly.


Hotelbeds Signs Global Distribution Partnership with Hopper

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TravelTech company Hotelbeds signed a new strategic partnership to provide Hopper with access to its portfolio of 300,000 hotels across 195 countries.

The agreement enables Hotelbeds to continue growing its business in the U.S. while opening up new markets for Hopper, which is North America’s third largest online travel marketplace and number one downloaded travel app. Data from the U.S. International Trade Administration reports that total travel and tourism output was valued at $1.7 trillion in 2021.

“This new partnership will help us expand our footprint further in the dynamic U.S. market,” said Carlos Muñoz, Hotelbeds Chief Commercial Officer. “Joining forces with Hopper – the world’s fastest growing travel app – will also help us reach new client sectors, across both trade and consumer segments.”

As a global B2B travel ecosystem player, Hotelbeds will enable Hopper to source more diverse inventory for its customers. Hotelbeds’ booking platforms provide fast and reliable access to properties across the world, including those in the luxury sector and more than 37,000 sustainable hotels.

Hopper, meanwhile, is a travel agency, fintech provider, and e-commerce platform, powering the Hopper app and partners’ direct channels. The Hopper app has more than 100 million downloads and is predominantly used by Gen Z and millennials, with 70% of Hopper customers made up of travellers under the age of 35.

“We’re proud to partner with Hotelbeds – a global, hotel contracting powerhouse,” said Dakota Smith, President and Co-Founder of Hopper. “Ensuring that travellers have transparency and optionality has always been at the core of Hopper’s offerings. Partnering with Hotelbeds will allow us to supercharge our efforts in building a best-in-class global hotel supply network.”


LivAway Suites Collaborates with Cloud5 Communications as Guest Communications Partner

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LivAway Suites®, the economy-extended stay hotel brand built "for developers, by developers®," has partnered with hospitality customer support brand, Cloud5 Communications, a provider of communications and technology solutions for more than 5,000 hotels, MDUs, and commercial facilities across the Americas, to provide general reservations and guest relations support for its growing number of properties.

Supported by 1000+ of the industry's most experienced and tenured agents and staff, Cloud5 Communications helps organizations meet revenue and reputation targets through a full range of Contact Center services, including general reservations, guest relations, group support, loyalty programs, and reputation management. The company is an expert in brand immersion training for its agents, so they can speak in the voice of their clients and provide enhanced support for businesses that have built their brand on the promise of exceptional service. LivAway Suites will work with Cloud5 to assist with guest experiences through voice reservations and guest relations.

"Our partnership with Cloud5 reinforces our tech-forward and guest-first mission in the hospitality and the extended-stay industry," said Kevin Dailey, Chief Operating Officer of LivAway Suites. "Cloud5's guest servicing features align with our values for the guest experience, and we're looking forward to the future of our collaboration."

"Our deep focus on the guest experience and the processes we have put in place to deliver high value, high-quality service across each and every customer interaction makes us an ideal partner to support LivAway Suites," said Jason Reid, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud5 Contact Center. "Our proven Contact Center communication services and expertise in the hospitality industry will enable LivAway Suites to efficiently manage guest inquiries, reservations, and internal communication, leading to a seamless guest service experience." 

Since the launch of the brand in early 2023, LivAway Suites has broken ground on the metro area locations of Tennessee, Washington, Utah, and Montana, with over 25 other locations in various stages of development across the country. To learn more about LivAway Suites, visit 


FLYR Delivers Fast, Accurate Forecasting for Hospitality

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FLYR, the pioneer of the Commercial Operating System for travel and transportation, introduced Forecasting for Hospitality, furthering its investment in the hospitality industry since the acquisition of Pace Revenue (now FLYR for Hospitality). With the new Forecasting for Hospitality features, hotel revenue, finance, and operations teams can create, manage, and share forecasts with greater speed, ease, and accuracy.

“On the heels of introducing FLYR for Hospitality, we’re excited to share that FLYR is continuing its investment and expansion into hospitality with Forecasting for Hospitality,” said Jens Munch, CEO, FLYR for Hospitality. “The hospitality industry is growing at a tremendous rate but the adoption of technology remains behind. With FLYR, hotels are armed with the solutions they need to drive efficiency, deliver accurate forecasts, and grow their bottom line.”

“Being able to quickly and accurately craft forecasts and budgets is crucial to our business,” said Maurice Glatzhofer, Regional Head of Revenue, easyHotel. “With FLYR for Hospitality, forecasting is more straightforward than ever before. We’re excited to continue working with the FLYR team on product enhancements for the future.”

The global hospitality industry is a $4.7 trillion dollar industry that is slated to grow by another $1 trillion in the next four years. The industry investment in technology, however, remains behind – less than 10 percent of businesses use innovations like automated decision intelligence and fewer than 1-2 percent have a digital transformation strategy. This leaves hospitality businesses stuck exporting data sets from disparate sources, manually combing through previous forecast reports – and managing everything in multiple spreadsheets. All of these manual, disjointed tasks result in a struggle to forecast quickly, accurately, and granularly.

With Forecasting for Hospitality, organizations can streamline their budget and forecasting workflows, by reducing complexity, improving accuracy, and supporting the sharing of information throughout the organization. Forecasting for Hospitality includes a number of time-saving and accuracy-enhancing capabilities, including:

  • AI-Powered Forecasting: FLYR combines integrations with data providers, research infrastructure, and machine learning to deliver forecasts that are unique to each room type or segment, and can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing budgeting and operation workflows.
  • Smart Templates: Make it easy to build out forecasts by property, month, and segment leveraging automatic distribution to aid efficiency. Forecast by unit, ADR, occupancy, and revenue guided by AI system forecasts, and historical and live data to drive accuracy.
  • Scenario Planning: Enables hospitality revenue managers to draft multiple versions of a forecast, while taking into account various scenarios – for example, a realistic versus optimistic scenario, or charging a low daily rate for higher occupancy versus a high daily rate for lower occupancy. Now, revenue managers can better assess and prepare for the future, while driving alignment with stakeholders.
  • Reporting: Locked forecasts are on hand for easy comparison and reporting in the portfolio dashboard. Now, revenue managers can track on-the-books performance against forecasting and budget targets to ensure each property is on track to meet revenue goals.

RMS North America & Solonis Release Product Updates

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RMS North America and Solonis, providers of cloud-based reservation and property management systems to the hospitality industry, announced this week product updates designed to boost efficiency, revenue, and business operations for property partners. Together, these innovations enhance the guest experience and equip property owners and operators with the tools to thrive.

“At RMS North America and Solonis, we’re always innovating,” states Fred Dominioni, Chief Revenue Officer, RMS North America and Solonis. “This innovation is critical to serving our customers and being the best partners possible for the hospitality industry. The enhancements we’ve released for both brands address customer needs and enable these businesses to excel in today’s travel landscape.”

Building on momentum from recently announced smart meter partners and partnership with Outrigger, RMS and Solonis’ latest improvements create a simplified booking experience and give property managers greater visibility into their business and revenue-driving activities. Below are some of the latest enhancements - you can see the rest on both the Solonis Product Updates and RMS Product Updates pages.

Enhanced Booking Visibility

Staff can now create bookings directly from an interactive map inside Quick Quote, a tool that enables people to quickly search, quote, and compare availability across properties, categories, and rate types.

Simplified Guest Booking

When booking online, guests can choose from room preferences and make a booking for the available room or site type within an inventory grouping category. Group two or more site types into a single inventory category to optimize booking for similar site or room types. This single category can be pushed out to OTAs under one rate.

Seamless Conversion of Pencil Reservations

Once a guest pays a deposit on a pencil booking in the Guest Portal, it’s automatically converted to a confirmed reservation, removing the additional steps previously required by property staff. The pencil booking will expire as usual if a deposit isn't paid, according to set expiration rules.

Updated Rate Recalculation Rules

Rules and prompts around Rate Recalculation have been enhanced, so the new rules are determined by whether properties post Nightly Rates or Total Rate and if any Rate Overrides exist on the reservation being modified.

Streamline Property Workflows with To-Do Traces

Make templates assigned to specific staff departments, such as Accounting or Reception, that serve as traces or internal to-dos. Within these templates, you can create a title, detailed description of the trace, due date, whether this task repeats, and more.

RMS North America and Solonis are committed to empowering their users to achieve new business heights with intelligent business offerings. To learn more about RMS’ product enhancements or schedule a demo for your outdoor property, please visit To learn more about Solonis’ product enhancements or schedule a demo for your hotel or resort property, please visit