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sweetgreen Debuts Automation at New Store

sweetgreen robotic kitchen

sweetgreen is opening first restaurant powered by automation. The pilot store, located in Naperville, Ill., debuts  technology called the sweetgreen Infinite Kitchen, designed to enhance the customer experience and food quality, with a focus on fresh ingredients, fast service, and friendly hospitality.


This is the brand's first automated kitchen since sweetgreen acquired the  robotic kitchen concept  Spyce back in 2021. Four MIT grads, who were seeking healthy and affordable fast-casual food, introduced Spyce’s original automated concept in May 2018 in Boston.

sweetgreen has spent the last year and a half fine tuning and adapting its technology to test alongside customers and team members, with the goal of designing a frictionless experience that connects more people to real food.

The new format allows for quicker pace, precise portioning and increased accuracy—while creating efficiencies that allow the team to focus on fresh prep and intimate hospitality. Guests can watch the technology at work, from dispensing greens and dressing bowls and plates, to evenly dispersing ingredients and mixing salads. Team members add the final touches at the finishing station, with a sprinkle of herbs or a scoop of avocado.

"We believe that automation will enable us to elevate the quality and integrity of our food while also providing a faster and more convenient experience for our customers and a better, more dynamic job for our team members," said Jonathan Neman, CEO and Co-Founder of sweetgreen. “With the integration of the sweetgreen Infinite Kitchen in our restaurants, we can unlock efficiencies that will enable us to grow more quickly as we scale.”

During a May 4 earnings call with analysts, Neman said a second Infinite Kitchen is expected to open later this year. It will be a retrofitting at an existing restaurant, "so that we can learn how best to integrate the Infinite Kitchen in an existing site,” he said.

When visiting the Naperville sweetgreen restaurant, customers are greeted by the new “host” position which provides a more personalized connection between team members and guests. To order, customers can utilize self-service kiosks, place an order through the mobile app, or order directly from the restaurant’s host. The new restaurant format also brings in a new Tasting Counter, brand-storytelling digital screens and a revamped merchandising strategy for an authentic sweetgreen experience at every touchpoint. Customers visiting the store will be able to shop exclusive merch with designs inspired by the new store joining the Naperville community.



Tripleseat Introduces Artificial Intelligence to Events for the Restaurant Industry

logo, company name

Artificial intelligence tools are spreading to every industry, including the hospitality industry, and Tripleseat is putting this technology into the hands of restaurants and hotels that provide catering and events.

Tripleseat, a web-based sales and event management platform for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues, announced the launch of ChatGPT artificial intelligence to enable venues to enhance their online presence with EventUp and food and beverage sales with Tripleseat’s direct event booking and reservation platform TripleseatDirect.

Integrated into the text editor in Tripleseat’s EventUp and enabled on TripleseatDirect forms, venues can receive AI powered by ChatGPT recommendations for updating their venue and room descriptions to better appeal to guests, boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and adding creative event details to attract more planners on EventUp and TripleseatDirect. This not only improves the overall guest experience but also helps venues attract more business.

“At Tripleseat, we believe that incorporating cutting-edge technology into our platform is key to driving success for our customers in the ever-evolving hospitality industry,” said Jonathan Morse, CEO of Tripleseat. “With the launch of ChatGPT features, we're excited to offer our customers access to the latest in artificial intelligence, providing them with personalized recommendations to enhance their venue listings and ultimately attract more business. We're proud to be at the forefront of this technology and look forward to continuing to innovate and provide top-notch solutions for our customers.” 


SageNet Appoints IV Dickson Chief Innovation Officer

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SageNet, a Tulsa-based managed network, digital experience and security services provider, has appointed industry veteran IV Dickson as its new Chief Innovation Officer (CIVO). Dickson previously served as SageNet’s VP of Digital Experience.

In the newly created CIVO position, Dickson will be responsible for driving innovation and fostering a culture of forward thinking and creativity that anticipates and solves customer challenges. As CIVO, he will be focused on helping both SageNet and its customers recognize emerging trends and identify opportunities for improved productivity and growth.

“SageNet enjoys a 25-year track record of innovation. The CIVO position recognizes the growing importance of innovation in this hyper-accelerated environment of technological and cultural change,” said Brad Wise, SageNet’s CEO. “IV truly understands the customer is the heart of our business, and the key to success goes beyond providing outstanding support today. It anticipates the needs and opportunities of tomorrow and provides the leadership to help the customer arrive and thrive.”

As CIVO, Dickson will also collaborate with the broader SageNet organization – including R&D, engineering, operations, product, sales and marketing – to ensure SageNet’s innovation initiatives are aligned with the company’s overarching business strategies. This includes investigating new product and service offerings, evaluating new business methodologies, and exploring ways to improve existing processes.

“This role is really all about listening, outside-the-box thinking, and teamwork with partners, customers and colleagues,” said Dickson. “During the pandemic, we witnessed an acceleration in the confluence of digital and physical experience never witnessed before. “My entire career is built on the confluence of the digital and physical world. I’ve always been fascinated with finding new ways to use connectivity, creativity and technology to help customers build innovative and highly sustainable brand experiences, whether that’s AI, IoT or something else entirely.


“This is not about invention. It’s about collaboration and implementation. It’s about taking great ideas and turning them into something better, whether that’s an improved customer experience, service or physical product. That’s what drives me, and all of us at SageNet,” concluded Dickson.


Dickson enters this position with more than 20 years of experience in digital engagement hardware, software, integration and solutions, to bring with him a deep understanding of how to harness physical-digital convergence to create business objective-driven customer engagement platforms.


Arch Amenities Group Introduces Wage Insights


Arch Amenities Group, a full-service, global provider of wellness, amenity management and meeting services for commercial and residential properties, hotels, private clubs and pools, announced the launch of its proprietary survey and salary benchmarking tool, Wage Insightssm.

Wage Insights obtains and leverages data across the hospitality and wellness sectors to enable hotels and wellness centers to better formulate their employee compensation and growth strategies.

Barry Goldstein, Arch Amenities Group chief executive officer, called the Wage Insights survey and reporting tools “some of the most defined and confident ways companies can inform their hiring strategies and react quickly to today’s dynamic labor market using current market data that is both internally equitable and externally competitive.”

Wage Insights surveys are conducted, certified and interpreted by secure, third-party partners to capture and collate national, regional and state-level data from across the hospitality and wellness industries. All subscribers, from C-suite leaders to general managers, can select from several tiers of subscription-based continual reports or choose individual reports via one-time downloads.

Wage Insights reports include comprehensive visual tools to support the budgeting and forecasting process. Reports are generated as spreadsheets and data fields in PDF format, providing wage benchmarking information specific to job type, category and location.

Goldstein credited Michael G. Tompkins, managing director of Hutchinson: An Arch Company, with conceiving the benchmarking survey and insights tool. “With fast-changing economic shifts and the post-pandemic hiring climate, the ability to leverage hyper-current survey data to benchmark salaries and wages is a game-changer for businesses looking to maximize efficiencies for growth,” Goldstein said.

Tompkins added that as demand for wellness services and amenities increases, “we know that more informed recruiting practices lead to better talent acquisition and propel business forward,” adding: “The Wage Insights benchmarking tool helps employers zero in on hiring the best talent in the market, ultimately leading to longer-lasting, more engaged teams.”


MCOMS Signs a Global Agreement with Accor

mcoms logo

MCOMS announced that it signed a global agreement with Accor to provide guest facing solutions and services. This partnership marks a significant milestone for MCOMS and reflects its commitment to delivering innovative and reliable technology solutions to the hospitality industry.

According to MCOMS' CSO Dimitris Petinos, "We are thrilled to partner with Accor and become a certified partner for guest facing solutions and services. This partnership not only demonstrates our strong dedication to the hospitality industry but also highlights our capabilities and expertise in providing exceptional guest experiences."

MCOMS is a provider of technology solutions for the hospitality industry, offering a wide range of services such as IPTV, VOD, Cast, Mobile, Internet and Digital Signage. Its solutions are designed to enhance the guest experience, improve operational efficiency and drive revenue for its clients.


LG 21:9 Ultra-Wide ProBeam Laser Projector Maximizes Hybrid Workplace Capabilities

LG 21:9 Ultra-Wide ProBeam Laser Projector

LG Business Solutions USA has introduced a new high-brightness 4K UHD laser projector featuring 21:9 aspect ratio support, maximizing visibility for conferencing apps and presentations in commercial environments where demand is growing for ultra-wide conferencing options. The new 6,000 ANSI lumen LG ProBeam BU60PSM offers a bright, ultra-wide picture that provides more than enough space for hybrid workplace conferences, and it is ideal for today’s most advanced conferencing apps, including Microsoft® Teams Front Row.  

“We increasingly live and work in a world of hybrid spaces, making virtual conferences and presentations more important than ever, and our new 21:9 aspect ratio laser projector enables employees and executives to leverage the latest software tools with full visibility while simplifying side-by-side comparisons and multi-document viewing,” said Tom Carroll, Sales Director at LG Business Solutions. “The ultra-bright picture capabilities and 285-inch diagonal maximum screen size make this new projector ideal for sunlit conference rooms, huddle rooms, board rooms or group meeting spaces.”

The LG ProBeam BU60PSM is capable of presenting a true 4K UHD picture with a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio, while the user-selectable 21:9 configuration utilizes a 2,560 x 1,080 resolution. Details and text are clear thanks to a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The laser light source is rated to provide up to 20,000 hours of superior performance. 

The LG ProBeam BU60PSM is designed for simple installation with vertical and horizontal lens shift. It has dual 5-watt speakers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability to satisfy various setups, and offers simple wireless options. It includes two HDMI inputs, two USB inputs, two RJ45 ports, HDBaseT support, RS-232 control and a 3.5mm audio out port to ensure connectivity with existing peripherals and control systems.  

The latest generation of conferencing apps are adding features such as multiple live views, in the new Front Row feature in Microsoft Teams. With the ProBeam BU60PSM’s 21:9 ultra-wide picture, attendees can enjoy an intuitive experience where virtual participants are all shown simultaneously across the bottom of the screen, below the main presenter’s image. This can enable greater freedom to showcase documents or images alongside live video, as well as ensuring future compatibility and maximized utilization of new software features.