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Nomadix, RN Projects Partner in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East

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Nomadix Inc​., has partnered with RN Projects, a multi-regional network system integrator. RN Projects specializes in the design and delivery of complex data networks into existing businesses and planned constructions across Australia, the South Pacific, Asia and the Middle East, and will offer the full Nomadix Networks portfolio across the hospitality, multi-tenant, office and aged-care markets.

RN Projects will capitalize on strong regional demand for technologies to enhance the connected experiences across their vertical markets by offering the Nomadix Networks range of products, including robust wireless access points, controllers and LAN switches, alongside its full portfolio of solutions.

“Nomadix has seen incredible growth year on year, and our reach has expanded to over 100 countries. RN Projects was a natural choice as a partner; they are one of the fastest growing system integrators across many key verticals and markets, which will enable us to better serve our customers across multiple regions,” said Hauke Lenthe, managing director, EMEA and APAC at Nomadix. “Together, we will deliver significant benefits to our customers, combining the quality of the Nomadix Networks portfolio, with the high level of in-region technical, logistics and customer support from RN Projects.”

With RN Projects, Nomadix can help accelerate the implementation of these networks.


HotelPORT Partners with Media Production Company

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HotelPORT has announced a partnership with Runway 4, a media production and storytelling company. This latest collaboration will allow hotels to improve their marketing efforts with high-quality media production and engaging storytelling. Through this partnership, HotelPORT and Runway 4 will provide hotels, restaurants, and spas with media services including ideation, video production, photography, and content creation, including 3D and VR experiences.

The partnership will provide hotels, restaurants, and spas with the tools and resources they need to effectively market themselves and stand out  in a competitive  environment. It will help hospitality businesses attract more guests and improve bookings, ultimately leading to increased revenue.



TAILOS Robotics Partners with Aimbridge Hospitality

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Aimbridge Hospitality has partnered with TAILOS Robotics to use the TAILOS Robotic Vacuums at its hotels.    

While labor shortages have been a persistent issue in the hospitality industry, TAILOS' technology provides a solution that can help alleviate these challenges. The robots can effectively clean hotel rooms, hallways, conference rooms, and large banquet spaces, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks and allowing hotels to operate more efficiently.

TAILOS' advanced robot technology has proven to significantly improve guest satisfaction scores (GSS) and increase overall cleanliness. The robots are designed to deep clean carpets up to 95% of the surface area, leaving no spot untouched and ensuring a spotless environment for guests. No setup, mapping, or integration is required. Simply "Press Play, Walk Away" and let the vacuum do the dirty work.

With the implementation of our carpet cleaning robots, Lorraine Cruz, General Manager at Fairfield San Antonio, recognizes the tremendous benefits this technology brings to her properties. "We love using TAILOS in the hallways, and our guests love it too. It does an outstanding job keeping those areas clean," says Cruz.


Krystal's Fans Vote for New Marketing Tagline

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Krystal's, new brand tagline that was chosen wholly by its fans. The new tagline – "Now You Know."  leans into the concept that while people previously might not have known the hype around Krystal, now they know.

2 Chainz, Head of Krystal's Creative Marketing, kicked the poll off on February 6 for fans on his Twitter. This was after Charlamagne Tha God and Ray J echoed 2 Chainz on The Breakfast Club radio morning show challenging brands to put fans in the marketing co-pilot seat. 

Krystal Designs New Prototype with Off-Prem Dining in Mind

"Now You Know." highlights the brands evolution and puts concepts such as The Side Chik campaign, celebrity partnerships, nationwide expansion, and even a late-night trip to Krystal with your friends, front and center. 

"Now You Know.' celebrates the idea that our brand has cultivated a strong personality," said Casey Terrell, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal. "People know us for our delicious food, but they also recognize our cultural resurgence. When we share about what we have been up to and what is in the works we will hear "I didn't know you all were doing that," well now they know."

Through polling the week of February 6, the brand brought guests to the front of the process and connected with the people they serve on a daily basis. Fans voted via social media between the options of "Now You Know." and "Who Else?" for Krystal's new tagline. "Now You Know." won fans hearts and votes by a 2:1 ratio.


Bluefin, Everi Team Up to Bring Added Cash Access Security to Casinos

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Everi Payments Inc., entered into an agreement with Bluefin, a provider of PCI-validated encryption and tokenization technologies, to bring a new level of payment security to their casino gaming customer base.

Bluefin is Everi’s PCI P2PE solution provider and has listed its own tailored solution for Everi. Through its agreement with Bluefin, Everi utilizes Decryptx that enables processors, payment gateways and software platforms to offer PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solutions directly to their clients.

Everi develops solutions that incorporate customer-centric features across loyalty, payments, and casino operations. By deploying Decryptx, Everi’s customers will have the highest level of card-present security, simple chain of custody device management, and a seamless P2PE solution that does not require a change to their payment processing relationships.

“The Everi team understands how important security is to their customers and casino gaming at large,” said Andrea Eaton, Bluefin’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We are thrilled to be delivering added security and scope reduction benefits of PCI-validated point-to-point encryption.”

Bluefin recently announced it has teamed up with Visa for network tokenization which will work hand in hand with the solution Everi has selected.


Olo Expands Borderless Functionality for Accelerated Guest Checkout

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Olo Inc. announced additional availability of Borderless functionality for all Olo Pay customers, unlocking the benefits of streamlined payment across a broader set of Olo’s network of 600 brands.

Previously limited to Olo Pay customers using its white-label interface Serve, Borderless is now available to all Olo Pay customers including those with custom ordering websites and apps, enabling more brands access to increased revenue potential and actionable guest data. Borderless capabilities simplify the checkout process for guests by eliminating the need to remember a password or manually enter credit card information at every purchase. In addition to helping restaurants meaningfully increase basket conversion, guest retention, and visit frequency, Borderless enhances the guest experience and de-identifies guest data to inform high-level business decisions.

Additional capabilities Olo launched include enhanced QR Code Ordering and Geolocation Partner Notifications. Furthering Olo’s on-premise dining offerings, new QR code ordering functionality allows guests to quickly and easily update their table number from their personal mobile device, providing the flexibility to dine where they’d like throughout their on-premise experience and bridging communication from guest to server. Restaurant customers using Geolocation Partner Notifications will now be able to see approaching and arrival notifications for guests on Expo, Olo’s tablet-based software solution focused on enhancing the front-of-house workflow in restaurants. This feature’s automation eliminates the need for multiple tablets and ensures food is prepared efficiently and on time, resulting in fresh food for guests.