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  • 5/20/2024

    GoNexus Group and Blue Diamond Resorts’ New Guest App Boosts Incomes and Customer Satisfaction at Planet Hollywood Cancun

    Blue Diamond REsorts mobile app with nexus labs

    GoNexus Group, an experiences and mobility travel group, and Blue Diamond Resorts, a Caribbean resort chain, celebrate the successful result of the PH App (Planet Hollywood App) powered by NexusLab for Planet Hollywood Hotel in Cancun, contributing to the digitalization of the guest experience, increasing customer satisfaction and sales. Now four out of ten NPI (non-package income)[1] sales are booked through the PH App, and as a result of this success, Blue Diamond Resorts will expand the app's presence across the rest of its properties.

    The PH App, launched for Planet Hollywood Cancun on September 25, 2023, and concluded on April 20, 2024, yielded significant outcomes including the digitalization of restaurant reservations, resulting in the elimination of queues and wait times of up to 35 minutes. The app has also increased the visibility of NPI. Moreover, surveys conducted through the app facilitated early complaint resolution, leading to a reduction in post-travel complaints and an increase in the Net Promoter Score[2].

    Planet Hollywood Hotel in Cancun, boasting 1018 rooms, witnessed a remarkable adoption of the PH App by its guests. By April 30, 2024, over 70,000 unique users, representing an adoption rate of over 84%, were using the app to make one in three reservations.

    Designed mobile platforms, including iOS and Android, the PH App aims to provide guests with comprehensive information and options within the hotel, simplifying booking processes and saving time. The app uses Stay App technology, which was recognized as the Best Hotel Guest App in 2023 by the Hotel Tech Awards. Language options include English and Spanish.

    The app offers several benefits for hoteliers, including but not limited to online pre-check-in and room pre-selection to restaurant reservations, spa treatments booking, and exclusive beach dinners. It also allows for amenity requests, tour consultations, and resort exploration through interactive maps, among many others.

    The President of GoNexus Group, Ruben Gutiérrez, expressed, "We are thrilled to partner with Blue Diamond Resorts in revolutionizing the hospitality industry with the Planet Hollywood App powered by NexusLab. Developed using Stay App technology and in collaboration with NexusLab, the innovation hub of GoNexus Group, this app represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled guest experiences, driving significant value for both guests and resorts alike. This milestone marks the beginning of a transformative journey in redefining the all-inclusive experience across Blue Diamond Resorts' diverse portfolio as a result of our NexusLab”.

    Additionally, Jurgen Stutz, Senior Vice President - Sales, Marketing & Distribution for Blue Diamond Resorts, remarked, "Catering to our guests' desires for seamless convenience and immersive experiences has always been ingrained in Blue Diamond Resorts' DNA. This ambitious project at Planet Hollywood Cancun is only the beginning for us to transform the all-inclusive experience into a personalized journey. As we extend this innovative technology across our diverse portfolio, we're not just embracing the future; we're redefining the standard for hospitality excellence, one tap at a time."


    [1] Income a guest generates from add-on amenities, services and products such as spa services, dining upgrades, golf, or access to private beaches that are not included in the accommodation package.

    2 The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer loyalty by asking how likely customers are to recommend a product or service on a scale of 0 to 10.

  • 5/20/2024

    Harri Announces Product Innovation Designed to Propel the Frontline Employee Experience and Restaurant Profitability

    Harri Logo

    Harri, a Frontline Employee Experience platform serving over 55,000 restaurant and hotel locations and four million hospitality employees globally, today announced the availability of its latest product release featuring significant new features and updates across the Harri suite, keenly focused on powering exceptional frontline teams.

    Hospitality organizations - including restaurants, resorts, and hotels - continue to struggle with talent and operational issues that diminish their ability to thrive in a highly regulated and competitive environment. These challenges shrink already razor-thin profit margins. 

    Market conditions and compliance requirements are creating challenges for hospitality organizations. Our team is laser focused on the differentiating and valuable role people-first technology can play in helping teams rise above the chaos and succeed,” noted Harri CEO and Founder, Luke Fryer. “I am thrilled to see the Harri team deliver our boldest product release yet, loaded with 70 new features and updates and anchored in our vision to power hospitality profitability with innovation that drives business performance through team performance.”

    With product updates issued seasonally, Harri’s Summer 2024 Release includes updates across Harri’s Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, Core HR and Engagement solutions with highlights including:

    • HALO Dashboards: At the intersection of business intelligence and ease of navigation lies our new HALO experience, starting with a stunning home base for leaders to understand critical metrics in real-time and accelerate the path from data to insight to action.
    • Harri Engage: First announced in November 2023, this powerful communication & insight tool continues to deepen in capability with added flexibility for touchpoint delivery and sentiment reporting to help boost retention rapidly.
    • Advanced Talent Pool: An exciting addition to Harri Talent Acquisition, this new way to tap into Talent Pools with automation intelligently groups candidates together then facilitates running recruiting campaigns for faster hiring.
    • Multi-Unit Manager (MUM) Dashboard: A curated view for busy managers juggling multiple units, this landing page puts critical sales and labor information together in one simple visual spot, then makes it easy to launch quickly into action.

    With this release, Harri continues to  deliver suite-wide innovation that  helps hospitality teams - from frontline workers to managers and owners - be their most productive with industry-centric technology that enables efficiency, engagement and the best employee experience possible.

  • 5/20/2024

    Givex Launches GivexEngageAI

    Givex logo

    Givex Corp. ("Givex"), a cloud-based global customer engagement and business insights platform, is excited to announce the launch of GivexEngageAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that enhances customer relationships through data-driven profiles and highly targeted engagement campaigns.

    GivexEngageAI builds detailed, 360-degree customer profiles based on guests’ interactions with a business, such as loyalty accounts, average purchase amounts, transactional information, and more. The future of business interactions is personalized, and companies are looking for the next generation of tailored customer engagement. With EngageAI, business leaders will have streamlined access to data on every customer interaction within a company’s technology ecosystem, helping to support data-driven decision-making.

    “The launch of GivexEngageAI marks a new chapter for Givex, providing unparalleled insights into vital customer data and a flexible solution that enables brands to scale as they grow," said Mo Chaar, Chief Commercial Officer of Givex. “We’re seeing a shift away from cookie-cutter marketing programs, and GivexEngageAI enables businesses to send relevant communications to each customer based on their profile and purchase history. Through a streamlined platform that eliminates the need to consolidate data from multiple sources, this solution will allow businesses to cultivate deeper customer relationships effortlessly, and increase customer conversion and retention."

    Leveraging data from GivexPOS and its related products, such as online ordering, GivexEngageAI harnesses the power of AI to help businesses enhance engagement and drive revenue. With 360° Customer Profiles, companies can gain a complete understanding of the customer and turn previously anonymous visitors into repeat, valued guests. These detailed profiles lay the groundwork for intelligent, automated campaigns that manifest across multiple channels — from push notifications to texts — sending AI-driven recommendations based on purchase history and similar customer profiles. EngageAI also enables automated engagement, maximizing marketing potential and enabling businesses to predict, recommend, and effectively engage with customers. 

    By channelling insightful data through each transaction, GivexEngageAI will enable businesses to immediately launch orchestrated omnichannel customer journeys through multiple built-in channels. To get started, businesses simply select the channels they need at any step of their journey, and add more as their needs expand.

    Givex combines a real-time customer data platform (CDP), AI decisioning, omnichannel activation, gamification and customer intelligence, all in one unified solution. ​​With twelve global offices and a footprint of more than 132,000 active merchant locations, Givex sets the standard for how technology companies serve, communicate, and respond to customers. 

  • 5/20/2024

    NCR Voyix Unveils Aloha Pay-At-Table, Powered by sunday, to Simplify the Restaurant Payments Process

    NCR Voyix  logo

    NCR Voyix, a global provider of digital commerce solutions, introduced Aloha Pay-At-Table, powered by sunday, to enhance the overall dining experience.

    Atlanta-based sunday is redefining the dining experience for guests by empowering them to use their smartphones to scan a tabletop QR code to view their itemized bill, split the costs and leave a tip while paying in less than 10 seconds. This software launched in 2021 with 23 locations across Europe during COVID-19 by experimenting with customers using QR codes to enhance safety protocols. The initial test increased the number of restaurant guests and order size.

    Currently, the platform helps more than 2,000 restaurants worldwide, impacting 50 million guests annually. Given its seamless integration with Aloha POS by NCR Voyix, Aloha Pay-At-Table decreases time spent waiting and paying for the check while increasing efficiencies for guests, staff and restaurant owners.

    “In an industry known for its razor-thin margins, our Aloha Pay-At-Table by NCR Voyix technology enables restaurants to operate more efficiently. By serving guests faster, encouraging higher spending and turning tables swiftly, it’s a game-changer for business-minded operators,” said Benny Tadele, executive vice president and president of Restaurants at NCR Voyix.

    Additional benefits:

    • Higher gratuities: Servers receive 10% higher tips thanks to automatic, precalculated tip suggestions.
    • Efficiency: Eliminating back-and-forth trips by the server for payments saves an average of 15 minutes per table.
    • Improved guest experience: Guests are prompted to review food, service, ambiance, and value for money on Google after paying.

    “We are providing a better overall experience for everyone involved whether it’s a restaurant guest, server or restaurant operator,” said Christine de Wendel, sunday co-founder and U.S. CEO. “Guests can pay and leave at their convenience, waitstaff have more time to spend for personalized service, and managers or owners gain valuable data insights, such as which servers perform best and what experiences are stellar or need improving.”

    Learn more about Aloha-Pay-At-Table by NCR Voyix.

  • 5/20/2024

    Sabre Hospitality and Uplift Announce Partnership

    logo, company name

    Sabre Hospitality, a division of Sabre Corporation, a software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, and Uplift, the leading Buy Now Pay Later solution for the world's travel brands, announced today a strategic partnership that leverages Sabre’s SynXis to offer payment flexibility to hotels and guests alike.

    Under this agreement, Sabre Hospitality will integrate the Uplift dynamic pay monthly option into the Sabre SynXis platform, enabling properties across all market tiers to seamlessly adopt a versatile payment model that resonates with guests at every price point. This collaboration underscores Sabre's commitment to revolutionizing the guest experience by harnessing innovative solutions that enhance payment options and drive customer satisfaction.

    "At Sabre Hospitality, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technology trends and meeting the dynamic needs of our partners and their customers in an ever-evolving industry," said Scott Wilson President, Sabre Hospitality. "Our collaboration with Uplift underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and responsiveness to market demands. By embracing Uplift's cutting-edge technology, we surpass expectations, providing our clients and their guests with unparalleled convenience and flexibility.”

    Uplift partners with over 350 of the world's leading airlines, cruise lines, resorts, and other major travel providers to help more consumers make meaningful purchases and experience the travel they deserve.

    "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sabre Hospitality, a true leader in the hospitality B2B technology space. The travel landscape is constantly evolving, and consumers increasingly seek flexibility in payment options," said Tom Botts, Chief Commercial Officer, Uplift." Our partnership with Sabre Hospitality is a testament to our shared vision of addressing these evolving needs. By integrating Uplift into the SynXis platform, we empower hotels to provide their guests with a seamless and convenient payment experience, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty."

    This partnership enables Sabre to expand payment flexibility options for their extensive network of hotel partners, enabling them to offer flexible payment choices to their hotel guests.

  • 5/20/2024

    Adam Patenaude Appointed President of Dreamscape Hospitality

    Adam Patenaude President Dreamscape Hospitality
    Dreamscape Hospitality announced the appointment of Adam Patenaude as its new president. With an illustrious career in hospitality management, Adam brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to lead the day-to-day operations and executive team at Dreamscape Hospitality.
    In this pivotal role, Adam will leverage his extensive expertise to shape Dreamscape Hospitality’s trajectory as a hotel operator, driving strategic and profitable initiatives for the brand’s diverse portfolio of properties in markets across the U.S. Adam brings a dynamic, operations-focused leadership background to this position with hotel management experience in all verticals - from extended stay and select-service to full-service, luxury, resorts and independent hotels
    "I'm honored to bring my passion and expertise for our industry to Dreamscape Hospitality during this exciting and innovative time for the company," shared Adam Patenaude. "I look forward to leading our team in developing a culture that not only reflects exceptional hospitality and industry excellence, but also creates enduring value for our stakeholders.”
    Adam joins Dreamscape Hospitality from a 15-year stint at Aimbridge Hospitality, where he most recently served as Senior Vice President of Operations. In this role, Adam played a pivotal role in leading cross-functional teams supporting hotels and owners across various verticals, including Select Service, Full Service, Luxury, Independent and Resort properties. His extensive background in hotel management, coupled with a commitment to excellence, makes him an ideal fit to spearhead Dreamscape Hospitality’s vision for excellence as an operator.
    "We're ecstatic to have Adam join the Dreamscape Hospitality family as our new president," said Eric Birnbaum, the founder of Dreamscape. "His unmatched expertise and relentless drive for innovation are a seamless match for our mission and brand. With Adam steering the ship, I'm confident Dreamscape Hospitality will flourish and redefine the essence of excellence in hospitality management."
    Adam holds a degree from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and will lead the company from their Dallas Headquarters. 
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