Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT)

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Internet of Things (IoT).

How IoT Could Take Hospitality to Another Level 

From boosting employee productivity to increasing engagement between guests and staff, the Internet of Things has vast potential for hospitality.

2034 and the Hotel of the Future: What Will It Look Like?

Experts say to expect glass TVs that know guest preferences, showers that adapt to body temperatures, and many applications of AI.

Wearable device uses a combination of Bluetooth, ultrasound and 4G LTE connectivity to provide an employee's micro-location data.

HT research finds that only 19% of restaurants and 47% of hotels feel they are truly innovative. Here we profile some of the industry’s heavy hitters to see what made them leaders in 2019 and how they plan to stay there in 2020.

Roadmap outlines how to build a foundation for growth with flexible and connected architecture

Today's IoT sensors ensure more accurate time and temperature controls, but less than 5% of restaurants use them.

Recalls like Caito Foods' recent melon recall can be a damaging blow to restaurants and retailers.

Introduces repeatable platforms for clients to quickly deploy, manage and mine for insights from multiple IoT sources

Advancements in connectivity, from cloud services to IoT, are ushering in a new wave of capabilities that require hotels evolve beyond a traditional, centralized IT design.

Tips for improving customer loyalty and profitability with IoT.

During her career at YUM! Brands, her responsibilities included providing technology leadership and strategic direction.

Boutique hotel management and development company keeps pace with demands for content streaming, voice-activated control and robust guest Wi-Fi.

Next-generation IoT/IIoT platform spans industry applications.

Technology has become critical to attracting and retaining hotel guests, and today that means investing in a wide range of solutions that create immediate and personal engagement. With rising expectations, surprise and delight has been replaced by expected and assumed.

High performance network access infrastructure prepares hotels for guests' increasing bandwidth demands.

Arm's Space Analytics tech can tell property managers when, where and how building spaces are being used to enable discounted pricing for non-peak hours, offer working spaces, or reduce operating expenses.

Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) ecosystem adds a full line of IPv6 Mesh-based wireless products.

5G digital indoor system and 5G Cloud X application ushers in a new era of high-end hotel experiences.

IoT water heaters feature direct cellular LTE connectivity for remote monitoring and independently controlled twin engines offering built-in redundancy and twice the power of competing tank water heaters.

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