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How KNOWCROSS and INTEREL Are Improving the Hotel Guest Experience

They're aiming to improve hotel operations around guest requests.

Hospitality operations software solutions provider KNOWCROSS is integrating its guest request management system with INTEREL, a provider of guest room management systems for the hospitality industry.

With this integration, guest requests made from the INTEREL glass switches in the room can be processed identically to requests made from a guest mobile app, or a phone call or e-mail. All inbound requests are then fed into KNOW Service for tracking, improving service delivery, accelerating response time, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

The INTEREL system, while allowing the guest to control the room environment and manage energy usage, also enables guests to make requests to make up the room, receive butler services and more at the touch of a button. With the integration with Knowcross, these requests will now flow directly into the hotel’s existing operational workflows via KNOW Service, enabling increased staff efficiency and improving the guest experience.


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