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How Connectivity Drives the Guest Experience & Operations

Ray Hatch, Comcast Business
Ray Hatch, VP Enterprise Solutions Vertical Markets at Comcast Business

Our research suggests that guests expect self-service, personalization, and convenience, and especially appreciate the ability to choose how much technology they prefer in their experience. How can a network partner help brands meet these and other expectations?

Each hotel brand is driving technology investments based on their unique brand ideologies and business needs. While we see commonalities in technology investments, we also see great creativity and individuality. Working with a managed services provider who has broad industry experience enables operators to tap technology expertise outside their organization and scale up new digital guest experiences with tailor-fitted connectivity solutions. 

Many guests expect free Wi-Fi. How can operators not only meet that expectation, but further enhance guest experience and operations with WiFi?

Though WiFi is a very familiar technology at this point, it’s also a very dynamic one. As WiFi standards evolve, and device manufacturers adopt new standards into laptops, smartphones, tablets and alike, hotel owners need to keep pace. Strategic technology partners can help keep operators informed and advise on the right adoption in order to enhance the guest and the employee experience alike.

IoT is shaping the guest experience in ways that many guests remain unaware of. How is Comcast Business exploring the future of IoT?

Comcast has worked at the forefront of the IoT revolution be it through our residential security solutions, multi-tenant environments like dorms or retirement living, or our commercial IoT platform MachineQ. Having an applied perspective across all these environments helps Comcast Business drive continuous IoT innovations. Within the Hospitality sector and through our MachineQ platform Comcast has brought to market solutions focused on employee safety via our associate alert products and operational efficiencies via water, power, and temperature/humidity monitoring, asset tracking, and bathroom management. And with an integrated solution owners can invest in and implement new IoT applications over time by stacking use cases in a single platform. 

What other emerging technologies do you believe will help shape guest experience and operations in the coming year?

We see operators in the hotel industry evaluating and implementing different technologies based on their individual journeys. As some are working to evolve guest facing technologies, others are further along in that space and rather focusing their attention on transforming operations with better-applied cybersecurity practices via zero trust initiatives, SD-WAN applications, and cloud migration. Still others may be more quickly adopting next-generation point-of-sale platforms or taking IoT applications to the next level. It really depends on what business outcomes are being prioritized. 

At Comcast Business, we partner with hospitality leaders to reimagine what’s possible, delivering technology solutions that help streamline hotel operations and create unforgettable experiences that inspire loyalty and help keep guests coming back. Learn more.

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