How Big Data, AI Technology and Personalization Will Impact Travel  

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‘Constant Contact’ through mobile, Wi-Fi to take hold as consumers demand seamless & personalized travel.

How Big Data, AI Technology and Personalization Will Impact Travel  


The growing expectation among travelers is for a seamless and personalized travel experience in 2019. And thanks to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and savvy online marketing campaigns, consumers may get their wish, according to industry experts who weighed in on the ExpertFlyer’s One-on-One blog.

While the experts have their own short list of trends for the coming year, they all agree that one trend that seems absolutely certain is maintaining “constant contact” with consumers through mobile connectivity and WiFi everywhere you go. By 2020, there will be significant adoption of WiFi on planes that will work similar to hotels. 

Kevin May, Editor-in-Chief at PhocusWire, concurs. “People are not just searching for travel using a mobile device but are now booking their trips with these devices. Some brands are reporting up to two-thirds of their bookings are coming from a mobile device, and we see this trend continue to grow in 2019, which is why the idea of ‘constant connectivity’ is so important.” He offers an in-depth look at trends for 2019 during his podcast interview with ExpertFlyer.

While most experts agree that Big Data and AI technology will have an enormous impact on the travel experience for consumers in 2019, the use of biometric technology will continue to contribute to greater efficiency related to airport security bottlenecks, such as boarding.

To learn more about these experts’ thoughts about travel trends for 2019 visit the ExpertFlyer’s blog.