Hospitality Technology Launches Industry Heroes Awards

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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With 2020 in the rearview mirror, HT takes a look back at the momentous change in the restaurant technology industry to recognize industry heroes and innovation.

When restaurants were forced to shut down dining rooms as the pandemic spread, members of the restaurant technology supplier community stepped forward with aid for the hospitality industry via no-cost access to their solutions.

Restaurant technologists stepped up to the plate, rolling out off-prem and digital solutions to continue serving customers - while keeping everyone safe.

With these awards, HT recognizes companies - both restaurants and tech solutions -  for their exemplary contributions to their companies or to the restaurant industry technologists that kept revenues flowing, in the most challenging of circumstances.

Industry Heroes Nominations: Self nominations are encouraged.  Restaurants too can nominate their solution provider and/or their own brands.

Tech suppliers – tell us how you helped the restaurant industry in distress.  (Free or waived fees, creative solutions, implementation services; tech solutions for workforce communication, contactless service models etc.)   

Restaurants  – tell us your story – how you embraced technology during the past year to drive business, to add a new revenue stream, customer service, workforce communication or retention, and/or community support (i.e. meals to frontline workers.)

Submit your Industry Heroes nominations here:

Deadline to submit nominations is February 24, 2021.

Industry Heroes is part of HT's robust awards program that includes the Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards.  Now in the fifth year, Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards are presented to individuals for accomplishments driving technology in the enterprise in the past year and beyond. This award recognizes women who have executed on tools and strategies to transform the restaurant technology space in a positive manner by creating or deploying emerging technologies that reimagine how things are done while paving the way for future technologies. Nominees may include restaurant IT executives as well as leaders at technology supplier and consultant firms. Self nominations are encouraged. 

Submit your 2021 Top Women in Restaurant Technology nominations here:

Winners are chosen based on both self-nominations and/or those from industry peers. Submissions will be judged by HT editors and HT’s Board of Advisors. Winners will be notified around March 7 and profiled in the summer issue of Hospitality Technology magazine.

Submissions should demonstrate:

  1. Tell us about your tech wins in 2020. What challenges were you facing? How did you identify what to tackle and what was your plan?  Explain how you leaned in and adapted to the times. What did you do internally to get that amount of change? 
  2. What tech is being used?  
  3. Results:  Explain the impact to your brand. (Minimized disruption to staff, preserving revenue, speed of pivot. Beyond the enterprise, this may include charitable contributions, in the way of no- or low-cost services, or brands who gave away products to those in need (front-line worker initiatives, providing free food to furloughed employees, no-cost technology for long-term introductory period, etc.)
  4. Additional Recognition:  Is there anyone (including colleagues, vendor, consultant)  in your universe that you want to recognize? What were their contributions to this project?   Please include name, company name and contact information.
  5. Why:  Explain why the nominee is worthy of the award.


Be convincing, be specific, and tell the story of the nominee’s achievements, accolades and overall successes. The form, which includes the questions above, will take about 15 minutes to complete.  There is ample space on this form to go into detail, so do so, and include any testimonials, supporting materials and/or links to applicable supporting documents. 

Nominees may only be entered in one category.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Hospitality Technology's Senior Editor Anna Wolfe at [email protected].  If you would like to submit supporting documents to further showcase a nominee’s achievements, please send them separately to [email protected].

Submit your nominations:

Submit your Industry Heroes nominations here:

Submit your Top Women in Restaurant Technology nominations here: