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Freebird: A One-Stop Information Portal for Multi-Unit QSRs

Dashboards • Analytics • Content Management • Collaboration

Freebird allows you to Integrate data from all your sources (e.g. Back Office, Financial, POS, Speed-of-Service, Excel) and present it as visual dashboards that track all your key metrics. You can also add commentary, news, operating updates, etc. right in your dashboards; even include instructions to address issues when the numbers fall below targets to ensure consistent corrective actions across all units.

Want to know how sales are tracking to budgets, by region and restaurant; for the last day, week, month? Why your food and labor costs jumped last month in the northeast region? You can find the answers to these types of questions at a glance.

And best of all, Freebird leverages and extends the value of your existing systems, meaning that there is no disruption to your business.

Freebird - A one stop analytics and information portal to drive consistency, operational efficiency, and profitability.

Mulit-Unit QSRs: The 6 Key Challenges to Success and How to Address Them

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