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Executive Q&A: Benefits of a Robust, Secure Network

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Jady West, Vice President of Hospitality, Hospitality Network

HT’s survey data suggests that lodging tech budgets are growing, including allocating more resources to research and development. What spending priorities should be top of mind for hotel tech leaders?

Emerging from the pandemic, having rapidly adopted new solutions and platforms to address its unique challenges, hoteliers are faced with re-investing in their network, systems, and platforms, upgrading where necessary to support their long-term vision. Working with a trusted technology provider can offer much-needed perspective in building an efficient tech stack that supports specific business goals while aligning with current and future technologies. Our guest today expects an amazing experience with technology while staying at your property and they will make decisions about their future stays based on their current experience.    

We see high adoption rates for self-service tech, such as mobile reservations, check-in/out, and digital room keys. How can the move to mobility and self-service help drive revenue and operational efficiency?

When coupled with a robust and secure network, self-service applications like mobile reservations, check-in/out, and digital room keys, can enable a streamlined operation keeping staff focused on servicing more critical guest needs. In-Room-Entertainment, Wi-Fi, Cloud, Edge, and other emerging technologies can assist these applications in capturing behaviors and serving promotional content for on-property amenities and other revenue-driving services. Our HN IRE and DG2 platforms have been specifically designed to generate revenue and manage operational efficiencies for the property and guest. 

We also see strong support for redefining technology ROI, which has historically been challenging to calculate. How should hotel leaders redefine tech ROI?

Technology return on investment models have expanded to include much more than typical hospitality industry metrics, REVPAR, and ADR. To be effective, they must involve the entire solution lifecycle, from implementation to integration and adoption. Staff engagement, stakeholder expectations, and guest experience should also be considered during each phase and then, once completed, to measure value adequately. Thus, leveraging a consultative approach with a suited technology provider who understands business goals and objectives can offer perspective, necessary support, and peace of mind.

Security is always top of mind. How can hotels ensure privacy and data security in an evolving landscape?

Privacy and data security have become increasingly prevalent over the years and are critical concerns for hoteliers. The landscape of identifying and tackling them continues to evolve. Working with a valued technology provider who understands your long-term vision and offers managed cloud security solutions can help address vulnerabilities, including data breaches, compliance requirements, employee privacy, and cyber-attacks which can cause critical data loss and downtime.

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