Eclipse Hotels Group Guest Satisfaction Scores Rise an Average of 5.3% After Implementing Workforce Communication Tech

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Since adopting Quore’s workforce communication and housekeeping/engineering management technologies, operational efficiencies and guest satisfaction is improving at hotels managed by Eclipse Hotels Group. The London-based hotel management company operates Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and easyHotel brands across the United Kingdom, Europe and the Caribbean. EHG is the first hotel management company outside of North America to standardize its hotel operations from preventive maintenance to housekeeping to capital expenditures and much more on the Quore cloud-based platform.

“Our focus is on achieving the highest levels of guest satisfaction at all our hotels,” said Grant Kennedy, group hotel support manager, Eclipse Hotels Group. “Before Quore, we used to rely on good intent and memory to make sure that tasks were being shared among our staff and completed in a timely manner. When we first learned about Quore, we thought it could have a big impact on our enterprise operations – and we were right. Now that we’ve been using it for almost a year, we’re making an even bigger impression on our customers. By giving them the best possible service and ensuring that our assets are looking their best and performing even better, we are delivering exceptional stays every time.

“The tools that Quore provides saves us time and money,” Kennedy said. “Quore’s CapEx app, for example, is one feature that we especially appreciate. It helps us stay on top of all property-level capital requests, from emergency expenses to budgeted items. We simply enter information on what each hotel needs to purchase—along with relevant photos, documents and bids—and the requests travel through the approval chain. It’s a strategic way to manage all property-level capital requests. We just love it.”

Since implementing Quore, guests’ overall satisfaction scores portfolio wide have risen by 5.3%. Kennedy said guests are especially impressed by the physical condition (5.9% increase) and cleanliness of rooms (3.8% increase), and with the timeliness in which their requests are being handled (2.2% increase).