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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Concierge.

From artificial intelligence to guestroom automation, the hotel room of the future promises more technology at the guests' fingertips.

Illegal Airbnb apartment rentals are driving rent prices for locals to unaffordable heights causing tension with tourists; hotels could draw guests back by offering them an experience similar to Airbnb.

Additionally, guest spend for services such as room service are up.

Consumers can to interact with a hologram concierge in real-time without the need for wearables or a touchscreen device.

Acquisition will allow John Paul to deliver faster technology-powered concierge experiences to multiple industries including hospitality.

Solution allows hotel to eliminate front desk so management team can operate hotel from anywhere, at anytime.

Acme Hotel in Chicago is first to link TrustYou with “Alexa.”

The DigiMapps business technology platform combines the capabilities of an ad agency, a travel agency, Yelp, TripAdvisor,, and

Acquisition brings together two of the most innovative concierge and front desk solutions on the market.

Online booking platform simplifies booking experience for business travelers.

Software features a local vendor database, package and luggage tracking, reminders and alerts, and branded confirmation letters, maps, and itineraries for guests.

Roxy was built from the ground up for the hotel industry; offers hotels full control over the persona, services and information with which guests interact.

The wall features artworks that attract guest attention and respond to their movements, a photo booth, and a virtual concierge, where guests can explore Paris.

Prior to implementing ALICE technology, the hotel was noting all guest requests and work orders on a 4-copy carbon copy notepad.

Developed by Arowana Consulting, Houdini allows guests to control hotel room IoT items.

The hotel implemented ALICE Concierge to streamline task management and improve staff communication.

The digital concierge displays the hotel brand, live flight tracker, newsfeed, weather feed, “selfie” function, hotel meeting and event information, as well as an interactive visitor guide.

New tech allows concierge team at SIXTY SoHo to speed up their work and improve the guest experience.

Ho Chi Minh City-based branch to service the Vietnamese hospitality market.

Mistakes to avoid and best practices in the era of virtual service.

Guests will receive an Ocean Medallion, a next-gen wearable device, that works with Ocean Compass, a digital experience portal, to be a concierge before, during and after travel.

Each year HT honors a select group of hoteliers that have demonstrated outstanding technological innovation.

Updated Marriott property aims to satisfy more Millennials, who are more likely to extend a business trip into a vacation, are quicker to embrace loyalty programs, and want to stay more connected socially while on the go.

The Marriott Nashville Airport hotel is giving its lobby a self-service update with the addition of multiple touchscreen concierge stations. Local area guides, airline check-ins and Internet access are just some of the functions improving their guests' stays.

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