BluIP’s BeHive Communications Platform Named a 2019 Cool Vendor by Gartner for Employee Experience and Enablement in the Digital Workplace  

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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BluIP, Inc., a provider of cloud communications and mobile solutions, announced that its behive Communications Platform has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the Employee Experience and Enablement in the Digital Workplace report by Gartner, Inc.

“Most vendors in the nascent WSC (Workstream Collaboration) market focus on the day-to-day needs of office workers when building their WSC solution,” said Christopher Trueman, research analyst for unified communications and collaboration (UCC) in Gartner's IT leaders research group. “BluIP, with its behive offering, breaks with this norm by delivering a solution uniquely suited to the needs of deskless, frontline workers in the service and hospitality industries.”

BluIP’s BeHive delivers a unique solution that bridges the communications divide between cloud PBX/premise PBX users, deskless/frontline workers and the enterprise/hotel systems. BeHive enables a wide range of communications modes like push-to-talk, chat, group communications, voice, video, and conference bridging, complemented by robust integration capabilities that supports Enhanced 911 (E911) notifications, staff panic alerting to work flow service request/tasks ticketing.

The Gartner report focused on employee engagement and enablement and the key factors in a successful digital workplace strategy.  Some of the key findings were:

  • Frontline workers will become increasingly important for the continued growth of the workstream collaboration (WSC) market, which, to date, has generally underserved this user segment.
  • New categories of tools are appearing to encourage the cultural changes required for successful digital workplace initiatives. Such culture technologies are often rooted in recent advancements in behavioral science and behavioral economics.
  • Decisions made by broader, and more inclusive and diverse groups have a higher likelihood of resulting in better business outcomes. Including more employees in the decision-making process also benefits organizations by making employees more engaged in the results of these decisions.

Delivering on the Gartner reports findings the behive Communications Platform demonstrates its ability to bridge inclusive and diverse groups across the enterprise. Today, critical functions such as hotel emergency 911 calls or staff panic alerts are often blindly blasted out to static distribution lists or emails. Behive with its PBX integration delivers the emergence call notifications with location information to on-duty frontline workers (security, facilities engineers, supervisors, front desk, etc.) and workgroups.  This capability enables hotel or enterprise staff to better assess the situation, communicate and coordinate a timelier response.  And if needed enable collaborations with arriving Emergency Responders by allowing them to join the Hotel hive and workspaces.

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