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Benefits of a Collaborative Marketing Platform

Matthew Marx, CEO, Evocalize
Matthew Marx, CEO, Evocalize

Please speak to critical considerations and benefits of implementing a digital marketing platform for restaurants? 

We have systems for POS, loyalty, feedback, and more but the industry largely leaves franchisees to fend for themselves with arguably the most important lever for success, Demand Generation. It’s a big problem that franchise Collaborative Marketing Platforms (CMP’s) can solve. Digital marketing is very complicated — even for professional marketers. With each location and franchisee’s marketing experience being unique, the right CMP can remove local complexities, while still giving corporate brand controls and franchise system visibility. The result — a digital marketing success playbook that can be executed at the push of a button, or even fully automated to drive local demand, free up local operator time, and increase coordination across the entire system. 

How can multi-unit restaurants leverage digital marketing tools for multiple locations?

Each franchisee has their own goals and unique local knowledge, as well as level of experience with marketing. Collaborative marketing platforms help standardize the things corporate wants to keep the same, while giving controls to the local operator to infuse their own local flavor. Reporting within the platform should then give visibility into what’s working at each location, and incorporate best practices that are learned to the other locations. And if data is standardized across locations, that opens the door to automate all sorts of cool local marketing activations, making the platform truly a place for franchisors and franchisees to collaborate. 

What are some effective opportunities for marketing via social media? 

Social media is great for building loyalty and driving location traffic — it’s one of the best ways to bring a location’s unique personality to life. Organic, non-paid posts are good practice, but won’t move the needle on their own.  For instance, an organic Facebook post in 2022 only reached between 1%-2% of Page followers.  Paid marketing on social channels helps expand your reach. But doing so effectively is complex, especially for those who aren’t professional marketers. A good local digital marketing platform will remove that complexity, and optimize local spend across Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. to hit local objectives, ensuring the best results from each dollar spent.

Please speak to the methods and benefits of reaching high-intent customers offsite. 

Your guests spend an incredible amount of time online, over 8 hours and 14 minutes per day in 2022, and that number is growing every year. But location, prices, and demographics heavily influence where your targeted customers will be at any time and the mix can vary widely. So, timing and location matter when trying to reach high-intent customers offsite with your local brand, message, menu, and promotions — on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. The right digital marketing tool can put your messaging in front of high-intent customers when they take certain action. This can be to drive traffic, offer loyalty promotions, hire new staff — any objective can be met with paid marketing. And it can all be hyper-localized and automated based on any data set!

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