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Benefits of a Cloud-Based POS

Brian Whitney, Chief Revenue Officer, Tray
Brian Whitney, Chief Revenue Officer, Tray

Please speak to the benefits, and some of the challenges, of implementing cloud-based POS for restaurants?

Using cloud-based POS systems in restaurants lowers costs and fast tracks growth. It’s that simple. However, many enterprise brands require features not commonly found in cloud-based platforms, so some feel that it’s not an option. Some brands are also faced with the daunting task of replacing existing hardware which can be cost-prohibitive and a deal breaker. Allowing enterprise brands to customize their cloud-based POS systems, and make the switch while keeping their existing hardware, can be done with the right partner.

What are some critical considerations for restaurants seeking to implement a kitchen display system?

There are countless benefits to implementing a kitchen display system (KDS), and a few important things to consider when doing so. First, the hardware and software must be compatible with the existing POS system, should integrate seamlessly with the restaurant's existing workflow, and allow for customization to fit their specific needs. The KDS must also be user-friendly and easy to navigate, as it will be used by kitchen staff with different levels of technical proficiency. Restaurants should plan for staff training and support to ensure smooth adoption and use.

Our survey data suggests more enthusiasm than ever for self service solutions. How can kiosks help meet customer demand and boost revenue?

Self-service kiosks improve the customer experience by allowing them to place orders and complete transactions quickly and easily without the need for staff interaction. By offering kiosks, restaurants reduce wait times and ordering errors and provide customers with a convenient, seamless experience. Kiosks also increase revenue by upselling products and promoting special offers and discounts while providing for lower labor costs or enabling more labor in the kitchen. Investing in self-serve kiosks will help brands stay competitive and meet the changing needs and expectations of their customers.

Please speak to the benefits of an open API for implementing mobile ordering, which our research shows is now table stakes for restaurants?

The research is on the mark in that it should absolutely be table-stakes for all restaurants. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t following this market standard and continue to require cumbersome and costly workarounds to meet the needs of brands. In any go-forward platform, operators need to ensure that their partners- on both sides of the transaction - are supporting a fully open and published API. And make sure that the API is something you can share with your partners on both sides without charge as you see fit. Too many companies are requiring vendor-to-vendor fees that can reach into hundreds of thousands of dollars a year- costs that are passed on to you and your franchisees.