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Cyber Security Experts Weigh In on Marriott/Starwood Data Breach

Answer questions such as: How did Marriott overlook the breach? What server/software vulnerabilities lead to this type of breach? and What will be the ramifications for the company and its guests?

Fraudulent Chargebacks: How Marriott's Data Breach Could Cost the Company

After a data breach, fraudulent payment chargebacks can spike up to 5% but companies shouldn't accept this as a cost of doing business.

LIFEWTR and Marriott Hotels Join Forces to Offer Augmented Reality Art Experience

In a marriage of art and technology, guests are encouraged to browse virtual artwork and transform the walls of their guest room via augmented reality.

Forty percent of consumers said that they would stop doing business with a company if it had previously suffered a data breach.

Consumer protection, access and transfer of PII is a key component of GDPR. The regulation applies to all organizations doing business in the EU.

Food halls and restaurants need to provide good cellular reception if they want to keep their guests happy. 

The best chatbots will be'fed' by a mix of legacy infrastructure for guest profile information and accounting, along with agile resources deployed in private and public cloud environments.

With this acquisition, Flynn Restaurant Group will own and operate a combined total of 1,245 quick-service, fast casual and casual dining restaurants, generating $2.3 billion in sales.

The Connected Experience: 3 Mission-Critical Network Characteristics

10/12/2018 — Why today's networks must be fast, secure and powerful


Nominations for 2019 Top Women in Restaurant Tech Now Open!

HT is seeking a few (or more!) good women. Make that GREAT females who are killin' it in the restaurant IT space. Send us your best to honor outstanding achievement in innovation and leadership!

Nominate a Top Woman in Restaurant Tech NOW!

2018 MURTEC EXECUTIVE SUMMIT: Duncan Wardle's 3 Tips For Channeling Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace

Duncan Wardle, former VP, Innovation & Creativity for The Walt Disney Co.,shares his tips for channeling innovation and creativity in the workplace. Wardle was the keynote speaker at the 2018 MURTEC Executive Summit in Nashville,

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