7shifts and Revel Systems Announce Integration

Revel Systems, announced a partnership integration with 7shifts. The integration will enable restaurateurs to efficiently handle labor management concerns, which has become a critical and increasingly complex business need.

Through the partnership, Revel’s point of sale functionality can synchronize sales data with 7shifts’ scheduling and labor management software to help keep restaurants compliant, efficient and profitable.

The integration will provide several critical features creating added value for restaurateurs such as:

View real-time sales data – This allows restaurateurs to visualize their restaurant performance in real-time and quickly check their labor profitability.

Automatic sales projections – The 7shifts system forecasts weekly sales with 95% accuracy so restaurant managers can build optimal schedules that adhere to labor targets.

Schedule enforcement – When restaurant staff members clock in on Revel’s POS, time-punches are cross-referenced with the 7shifts schedule to ensure the employees are scheduled to work. This prevents time-theft and unbudgeted overtime.

View real-time labor costs – Real-time labor costs are accrued in 7shifts as shifts are worked, allowing restaurateurs to instantly see their labor costs and make changes (such as cutting staff) if they are in danger of being overstaffed.

Sync employee wages – As staff members’ wages are changed in Revel’s system, they are automatically synced to 7shifts to eliminate duplicate data entry into both systems.

The new capabilities will also enable managers and operators to spend less time and effort scheduling staff, reduce their monthly labor costs and streamline team communication.

The integration with 7shifts is part of Revel’s continued commitment to focus on strategic partnerships and deepen support for clients. The company recently announced the Revel Integrated program, a new initiative which transforms the company’s integration partner network and streamlines the incorporation of complementary technologies and services for partners and customers.